Take Care of Yourself this Holiday Season

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From Halloween through New Years Day, it seems like we’re constantly on the move. Parties, events, gift buying, decorating, celebrating, cooking, banking, family, friends, work — the list goes on and gets bigger every year.

And let’s not forget the storms that could blow in, the colds and bugs that can sideline anyone, and you’ve got a season of chaos.

While we all love the holidays, it’s important to take care of ourselves during the season to ensure we all come out of it as good as we were going in. This might seem like an impossible task, which is why we put together a few helpful self-care suggestions that can make the holidays even better.

Schedule me-time

Finding time to relax during the holiday season might seem about as easy as finding a convenient parking spot in the heart of Brooklyn, but it’s possible — and important. Giving yourself time to disconnect from the mayhem of the holidays can help keep you sane, and keep you from getting sick.

If you spend too much time running on fumes, eventually you’ll crash, and then the holidays will be even more stressful.

Take a look at your calendar and see where you can give yourself some breathing room. It doesn’t matter how you take it — ten minutes of meditation every morning at 10am, or watching your favorite show every Thursday evening — find a time that you can do regularly and do something just for you.

Even if you spend an hour a week staring at the wall… if it relaxes you, go with it. Just try not to think about anything on your to-do list.

Divide your list and DELEGATE

This isn’t an easy word for some people, but it could make all the difference between a stressful holiday and an enjoyable one. You don’t have to do everything on your own, despite what you might think. Ask for help when you need it, demand it if you have to.

If there are things that your family or friends can help with, ask them to lend a hand. They might be as busy as you, but you could discover that they need help with something you were going to do, and you can trade.

If you’re hosting a holiday dinner and are overwhelmed with the thought of making enough food that everyone will enjoy, consider going potluck style. Take the main dishes, or even just your favorite dishes, and then ask your guests to bring the rest. You can even make a signup sheet to ensure you don’t end up with six bags of rolls and no vegetables.

Plus, it’s a great way to be introduced to new dishes. And it’ll help eliminate some of the stress.

Indulge yourself — you’ve earned it

If you have a holiday to-do list that rivals Santa’s naughty and nice list, give yourself a little treat when you’ve completed ten tasks, five tasks, any really arduous task. It always feels good to cross something off your list, but if you also get a piece of fudge or a manicure or a trip to the movies when you’re done, that makes it even better.

Make sure you take care of yourself and relax this holiday season. Remember, you’re allowed to enjoy it too. Happy Holidays from Dime Community Bank.

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