4 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

4 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank Featured Image
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Valentine’s Day is already here. It seems like the moment we put away the holiday decorations, everything is covered in hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. If your bank account is still recovering from the holidays, Valentine’s Day might seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Dime, we want to make sure that you get to enjoy life — without having to worry about your budget. Here are a few ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day without breaking your budget’s heart.

1. “Open When” Letters

Show your love all year long with these easy-to-make, heartfelt letters. These simple letters are designed to be opened when your special someone needs to be reminded that they’re loved — whether they’re far away or in the next room.

Write down a meaningful note, inside joke, or story on a piece of paper, place it in a sealed envelope, and jot down when the letter should be opened, like “Open when you’re having a bad day,” or “Open when you need a laugh.”

These are a great, and more meaningful, alternative to buying expensive gifts, especially since they’re from the heart. You can fill your letters with things other than your note as well, like a tissue for a romantic memory note, a piece of their favorite candy, funny pictures.

And while you’ll love the low impact it will have on your wallet (all you need is time and some stationary at the very least), your Valentine will love the thought that went into each letter.  

2. Date Night In

Going out for Valentine’s Day seems like a requirement these days. But just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. From dinner at a restaurant, drinks at your favorite bar, dessert, and tickets to a movie or show or other adventure, you’re already in pretty deep. Why not escape from the rest of the world and spend the day together at home?

Take February 14th as an opportunity to spend the day together doing something fun. You can finally watch that movie or show you’ve been putting off. Try a new recipe together, or surprise each other by each cooking a different meal. Or if cooking isn’t your thing, order takeaway from your favorite restaurant (or one that has special meaning for both of you) and enjoy your night in.

3. Scrapbook

Whether you and your special someone have been together for years, or are just starting out, a scrapbook of your time together is a great way to share memories old and new. You can augment your scrapbook with stories behind some of your favorite pictures, notes from friends and family members, and more.

While scrapbooking might seem intimidating — so many paper and sticker options! — there are plenty of ways to simplify the process. SMASH Folio is a great option for beginners, with different themes to choose from and supplies included. For more experienced scrap-bookers, a trip to your local craft store could give you the inspiration you need to create something beautiful and heartfelt.  

4. The Classics

If these options are a little too time-intensive for you, you can always go with the classic flowers and chocolates. But there are still plenty of ways to be creative and save money. Instead of an expensive bouquet of roses, go for a single rose, or a bouquet of his or her favorite flowers.

Does your special someone tend to kill plants? Try a sturdy cactus or succulent. Or maybe an arrangement of silk flowers that will never die.

For chocolates,  go to your local store to get her favorites, check the internet for fun and unusual alternatives, or try baking your own. An inexpensive cupcake from your local bakery can be just as delicious and appreciated as a fancy heart-shaped box of tiny chocolates. It’s always the thought that counts.

Dime is always here to help you stay on top of your budget. If you’re interested in saving more for future holidays, speak to a Dime representative today at 1-800-321-DIME (3463) to learn all about our great products. Happy Valentine’s Day from Dime Community Bank.

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