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What’s the best way to attract great tenants to your apartment building or multifamily property?

Fantastic amenities, of course!

But with so many options out there, how do you decide which amenities your tenants will actually want and won’t explode your budget? Should you include massive soaker tubs in every bathroom, or would a steam shower be a better option? Do you offer utilities with the rent, or maybe make the whole building pet friendly?

Here are some of the most popular amenities your tenants will love that will make your building the most popular in the area.

Make it pet friendly

People love their pets. Like, love their pets. More than half of millennials own at least one pet. So making your building pet friendly is a great amenity to start with. Whether you ask for a pet rent from your renters or put in a dog run in the back of your building, making your building pet friendly is the perfect way to get people interested in your space.

Get techy with it

How many chargers do you have for your phone? One near your bed, one in the living room, one in your car, and one in your bag just in case if you’re anything like us. So why not bring those tech features into your apartments? Replace regular outlets with ones that have a USB port. Upgrade the HVAC system to one your tenants can control on their phone. Not only will your renters love these little features, but it could help lower costs as well.

Wash and dry

Laundromats and laundry rooms used to be great places to meet people, spend a few hours washing and folding laundry and chatting with strangers, but most people today would willingly sacrifice some of their precious square footage if they could have a washer and dryer in their own unit. Convenience is priceless to most renters these days, so instead of that extra hall closet, why not hook up a stackable washer and dryer?

Pay it up

People love convenience, so if they can pay their bills online, they will. And if they can automate those payments so they don’t have to worry about setting a reminder in their phone to pay that bill, you bet your bottom dollar they’re going to do that too. So create a handy online portal where your tenants can pay their bills, sign lease agreements, submit maintenance requests, get helpful advice, post ads, and on and on and on.

Give em some green

No, we don’t mean money (though you could do that too—we don’t think your renters will mind), but some green space. If you have room around your building, design a relaxing and desirable outdoor space where your tenants can enjoy some fresh air, and maybe even bring their friends over. If you don’t have room on the ground, why not look to the sky? Can you turn your roof into a rooftop garden space? Of course you can! And it’s a great feature your tenants will definitely love.

Who could resist your building with all these great amenities?

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