8 Truly Awesome Ways to Spend Your Tax Return Right Here in Brooklyn

8 Truly Awesome Ways to Spend Your Tax Return Right Here in Brooklyn Featured Image
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Paying down debt. Investing for the future. Saving for a big purchase. That’s what most people do with their tax returns, right?

But you’re not most people. You’re fun, exciting — maybe even a little adventurous? You’ve earned that money and you should spend it however you dang-well please. But it begs the question: what are you going to do with it?

Well, since you can’t take it with you, why not use your tax return to have the adventure of a lifetime?

Join the Circus

Soar high on the flying trapeze, with the greatest of ease by signing up for a class with a trapeze school, like Trapeze School New York in Williamsburg. Not only will you get to learn a new school and make your friends completely jealous, you’ll finally have a fun way to get some exercise.

Get Your Wine On

Take a tour of a local winery and taste some delicious wines, like with Brooklyn Winery. Whether you indulge in a tasting tour, or grab a group of friends for a Blending Session (yes, you get to blend your own wine!), you’ll have a day to remember.

Slip into a Speakeasy

Pretend you’re a 1920s gangster during Prohibition and sip an exotic cocktail at a speakeasy. You’d be surprised how many speakeasies are out there, and how you find them. Like this one in Williamsburg that’s hidden behind a freezer door of a Mexican deli, or this Marie Antoinette-inspired speakeasy in Brooklyn Heights tucked under Chez Moi on Atlantic Avenue.

See a Movie — In Your Own Theater

Kids who can’t sit still. People who answer their phones. Texters. Loud talkers. And that one guy who’s already seen the movie and can’t stop spoiling it. While going to the movies is great, sometimes it can be a drag. Use your tax return to rent out one of Brooklyn’s great and unique movie theaters, and see a movie all by yourself — or with your family and friends, if you get lonely. Check out the Nitehawk Cinema for a fun “dinner and a movie experience,” or one of the other great theaters in Brooklyn.

Embrace Your Inner Fat

Every Saturday and Sunday in Industry City in Brooklyn, the air is filled with the delicious smells of original, fresh food. Turn your tax return into the best food experience of your life when you head to Smorgasburg, the largest open-air food market in the U.S. Try something from each of the 100 local vendors and release your inner chubby kid.

Become a Master Chef

Ever dreamed of impressing your friends with homemade French pastries? Want to whip up some seriously delicious Mexican or Vietnamese food in your own kitchen? From bread basics to the best pizza in town, try a class at The Brooklyn Kitchen and learn a new skill you can actually use.

Rock and Bowl

Has there ever been a better combination of fun than mixing bowling and rock? Whether you’re determined to finally get that perfect score, want to have the time of your life with your friends, or seriously rock to some great music, you can’t go wrong spending your tax return at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Now, if you really  want to save all of your tax return (maybe until you have enough to do everything on this list in the most amazing weekend ever), Dime can help with that. We’ve got products to help you earn more on your tax return — all you have to do is set up your account and watch the money roll in. Check out our Money Market Account with a 1.35% APY. Dime reps are standing by to help you get started at 1-800-321-DIME (3463).

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