5 Ways You Haven’t Thought of to Pay Down Your Student Loans

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Let’s be real. Student loans are the worst. And paying them off can feel like it takes forever, especially for recent grads. Depending on how much debt you graduate with, it might seem impossible to get rid of it all.

But don’t despair, my friends! There is light at the end of the tunnel! There are ways to make those student loans vanish faster than an ice cream cone in the middle of a summer heat wave.  

So if you, your kids, or your neighbor’s kids feel like student loan is slowly crushing your soul, we’ve got 5 really useful ways to help you make it go away faster.

1. Sell your skills

Are you an expert Ikea furniture assembler? A Michaelangelo with a snow shovel? The DaVinci of packing? People are always looking for someone else to do the boring work for them, so why not get paid to do something you’re actually good at? Websites like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack make it easy for people to find your services and skills. You get to decide what jobs you want to bid on and how much to charge, and that extra cash will go a long way to paying down those pesky loans.

2. Put your degree to good use

Did you major in photography, filmmaking, or graphic design? Or maybe just have a knack for it? While you work as an intern to pay your industry dues, get paid for your work by selling your pictures, videos, and illustrations to sites like iStock and Shutterstock and put your sales towards your student loans. Plus, it’ll look pretty sweet on your resume. Double bonus!

3. Teach it up

You went to college for a reason: to get a job. And make your parents happy. But also to become an expert on a certain subject. Or maybe not. We don’t know, we’re just a blog. But either way, there’s something out there that you know more about than any normal person should. Know everything about the photoshop? Are you a master of the semicolon? Can you knit? Get paid to teach it online. Sites like Skillshare and Udemy can help you earn a couple extra grand each year for teaching your passion.

4. Walk the dog

Lots and lots and lots of dogs. Joining dog walking sites like Wag! and Rover is pretty easy and super flexible so you can do it when it fits your schedule. Plus you get paid to play with doggos, and is it even working when you’re having this much fun? Busy professionals — like you’ll be one day — don’t always have time to walk their pooches, or need someone to watch them while out of town, and you can make some decent cash to pay down those loans while chillin’ with the puppies.

5. Seriously, stop spending

We get it. You graduated college after 4 long years (or more) and finally got that dream job. Okay, that decent job. Alright, that job. But it has a paycheck, and that’s awesome, right? Right — until you blink and you’ve spent it all. So before you go upgrade your Mac, or buy that designer bag you’ve had your eye on, or book that flight to Australia, pump your breaks. Take a hard look at your spending and cut everything that isn’t completely necessary (and yes, your rent is necessary). The less you spend, the more you save, the faster you can pay down your loans.

Don’t let your student loans get you down. There are ways to earn some extra dough so you can pay them down faster and slough off those shackles forever. Or at least until you go back for your masters.


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