5 Easy Ways to Make Money During the Holidays

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We all love the holidays, but they can put a real strain on our budgets and wallets. Whether you have a gift list as long as your commute or are planning on going away on vacation, you don’t have to break the bank or go into debt just to do it.

There are many ways to earn some extra money. Here are a few of the easiest, and a few of our favorites.

Become a personal shopper or wrapper

If you’ve got some spare time in your schedule, why not offer up your services to do the gift shopping and wrapping for your busy friends, family, and coworkers. Simply convince them to give you their lists, agree on a rate for your time and resources (time, travel, wrapping supplies), and get to work. Not only will you save them time and energy, you’ll earn some extra cash for your own gift giving. Plus, we all know at least one person who waits until the last minute to shop, or uses an entire roll of wrapping paper on each gift.

Make your friends and family look like holiday superstars by offering to do it all for them. And get some extra cash for yourself at the same time.

House and Fur-Babysit

Many people travel during the holidays, and need trustworthy people just like you to watch over their homes and their precious furbabies. House sitting and pet sitting sound like perfect jobs to us. Whether you’re just checking the mail, watering the plants, dusting, or taking care of the cats and dogs, these are great ways to make some holiday cash. And it could turn into a recurring gig if you prove yourself worthy of a frequent flyer.

Plus, you could spend all day with a playful pooch or sassy cat. Win-win.

Become a cleaning machine

How handy are you with a broom and dustpan? Are you a master with a vacuum or a scrub brush? People love to make their houses sparkle for the holidays, especially if they have family coming to visit. And since we already know how busy everyone is, you’ll be viewed as a gift yourself if you offer to clean their houses (for a small fee, of course). So strap on your apron, slap on a pair of rubber gloves and get to work!

You’ll be amazed at how much dough you’ll be cleaning up with that dust.

Sell your family recipes

Do you have a cookie recipe your coworkers would kill for? Do you make the very best pumpkin pie in town? If you’ve got amazing baking skills, why not put them to work? This is another great idea for helping out those friends and family members who may be too busy to bake their own homemade treats.

You’ll be a hero, and make some nice side money.

Become a survey expert

Did you know that there are places online that will pay you for your opinion? Earn points for gift cards and cash just from taking surveys or watching videos with sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junky, and Opinion Outpost. Take as many surveys as you like whenever you have the time and see how quickly those points add up to real cash.

Who knew an opinion could actually be worth its weight in gold?

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun. Happy holidays from your friends at Dime!

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