The Best Staycation Ideas Near Brooklyn

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Wake up, eat breakfast (let’s be real — drink coffee), go to work, stare at your computer screen for 8 hours, come home, eat dinner, crash on the couch, go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s easy to fall into a rut. And while we all dream of escaping the city for somewhere slower paced, or more exotic, or just cooler, it can feel like it’s impossible to actually get away.

From the cost of travel to busy work and personal lives, it can be hard to find enough consecutive days for a real vacation. But if you’re determined, even a single weekend can be enough to recharge your batteries. Here are a few unique staycation ideas to give you a getaway without having to leave Brooklyn.  


Wish you could be drinking a pint with the mates in an English pub? Wandering through a museum in France? Eating your weight in pasta in Italy? See all the best parts of Europe for less than the price of a Europass, without having to fly across the ocean.

Start by booking your staycation at Hotel Le Jolie, a European-inspired boutique hotel in the heart of Williamsburg. The clean and classic rooms will help you feel like you’ve really left the city.  Sip on a delicious cup of English tea while nibbling on scones and cakes at one of Alice’s Tea Cup’s three locations near Central Park.

While you’re in the city, pay a visit to the Met Cloisters, the part of the Metropolitan Museum dedicated to the “art, architectures, and gardens of medieval Europe.” The beautiful old world building will really help you feel like you’re on another continent.

Deciding where to eat can be the hardest part about traveling to Europe, and in Brooklyn, the problem is even bigger. Do you feel like Irish comfort food from Hartley’s? Or maybe it’s time for a traditional-style Italian pizza from Oregano. Maybe you’d rather raise a pint of delicious German beer at Radegast Hall. Or travel to Eastern Europe for some amazing Russian fare at Skovorodka. As one of the largest international food cities in the world, your choices are nearly endless.

Asian Adventure

Traveling to the Far East can take hours, days, or even a lifetime — if you don’t know where to look. Brooklyn might not have the Great Wall of China or Mount Fuji in Japan, but if you do a little digging, you can find some of the greatest parts of Asia right here in your own backyard.

Begin your Asian adventure by staying a night or two at Kitano, the only Japanese-owned hotel in Brooklyn. The combination of Japanese hospitality and contemporary conveniences make this the ideal starting point for your Asian staycation. After you’ve settled in, take an antihistamine and make a reservation at the Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe. You can enjoy a snack will petting a friendly cat just like Japanese  and other Asian countries have been doing since the 90s.

After you’ve reached your fill of kitty delightfulness, spend some time relaxing and reflecting in the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, known as one of the most oldest and most-visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside of Japan. If you’re lucky and you time it right, you might be able to see the cherry blossoms blooming.

You can dig into some amazing Asian food pretty much everywhere you look, but make sure you try out one of our favorites. Get some amazing Korean dishes at Insa. Get grownup Ramen (better than the stuff you ate in college) at Naruto Ramen or Chuko. Or if you’re looking for something really different and unique, indulge in some authentic Burmese food at Together.  

Seaside Retreat

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside, oh I do love to be beside the sea… But sometimes it’s hard to actually get to a sunny beach with warm ocean waters. Luckily, you don’t have to travel down to Florida or across the country (and then some) to Hawaii for a beach vacation, or even go to the Jersey Shore or a nearby island (with everyone else) to get away.

Pretend you’ve left the city by staying a few nights at one of Brooklyn’s beautiful boutique hotels like The William Vale or 1 Brooklyn Bridge. Both hotels offer rooftop pools and bars so you can easily imagine yourself in sunny Los Angeles or down on Miami Beach. Enjoy a cocktail while you float in the water away from the rest of the world.

If you really need to feel the squish of sand between your toes, head to one of the many beaches within spitting distance of Brooklyn, like Brighton Beach, Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk, and Plumb Beach. You can grab a snack, some sun, and spend the day on the best vacation ever.

When your stomach starts rumbling, there’s really only one option to make your seaside beach vacation a reality: the best seafood you’ve ever had. Brooklyn’s location makes it the perfect spot for seafood, but if you really want to be on vacation, try a seafood joint you’ve never been to before. Brooklyn Crab, Red Hook Lobster Pound, and Nick’s Lobster House offer some of the best seafood experiences in Brooklyn.

Whether it’s because of time or finances, there’s always a way to get away for a vacation without having to hop a plane. Get your staycation on right here in Brooklyn.

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