Secret Kid-Friendly Adventures in Long Island

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Summer: every kid’s favorite time of year… and every parent’s secret nightmare. Finding ways to keep your kids entertained for the two or three months when they’re not in school can be impossible. And finding a way to keep them from becoming technology-obsessed zombies is even more impossible.

But fear not, dear reader, as we have some seriously awesome kid-friendly adventures that will get your kids off their phones and computers, out of their rooms, and out of your hair — at least for a few hours.

So, if you have kids (or are really just a big kid in an adult’s body), and you’ve come to the realization that there are only so many times you can go to the park or the zoo before the novelty wears off, here are a few off-the-beaten-path ideas for kid-friendly adventures in Long Island you’ll love too.   

Pick your own fruit at Wickham’s Fruit Farm

When was the last time you actually got to pick a strawberry right off the vine and pop it in your mouth? And if you’re asking “Do strawberries grow on vines?” then it’s time for you to pack up the kids and head over to Wickham’s Fruit Farm and find out for yourself.

Depending on what’s in season, Wickham offers visitors the chance to fill their buckets with fresh strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, and every once in a while some bigger things like pumpkins.

A few hours in the fresh air, picking fresh fruit — could there be anything better? And when you get home, put your kids to work finding recipes to showcase their hauls. You’ll be surprised at how proud they’ll be to announce that they picked the apples in the apple fritters themselves.

Befriend a GOAT

Like an actual goat. Or several goats. Your kids will find plenty of amazing new goat friends at Catapano Dairy Farm, where they make fresh goat cheese products daily.

Schedule a tour with other parents in danger of pulling their hair out this summer and check out an interactive milking demonstration, sample some delicious fresh goat cheese, and even take home a bar of pure goat milk soap… because apparently, that’s a thing.

A day among the goats might be just what your kids need to determine their future career as a goat farmer… or encourage them to find a new dream job if they can’t handle the smell. Either way, you’ll be the ultimate GOAT at the end of your adventure.

Release your kid’s inner Picasso

How many original pieces of your kid’s art are hanging on the fridge? How many more are stuffed in a folder or box because they’re too precious to throw away — even if the squiggles look more like squiggles than the dog they are supposed to be.

Picasso Kids offers art classes, camps, and workshops to help your budding artist develop their talents and turn them into master painters. It’ll also give them somewhere other than your walls and coffee table to practice their art.

And if it looks like your kids are having way too much fun at their art classes, don’t worry — Picasso Kids offers Adult Nights where, yes, you can bring your favorite bottle of wine to get your creative juices flowing.

Surf’s up, Long Island

Is your kid bouncing off the walls? Do they need some unique way to expel all that crazy energy? We hear ya. So why not sign them up for some surf lessons and give them an experience they’ll never forget… and one that will definitely wipe them out. (Get it?)

Island Surf School offers week-long classes that teach your kids the basics of riding the waves. In no time, your little monster will be shredding at the shore, the envy of all their friends. There are even adult classes too if you want to look just as cool as your kid.

Your kid will have a great time at each class. And will almost certainly need a serious nap after each class. Double bonus!


You’ve seen it. We’ve seen it. Everyone’s seen it. But have you actually gone and checked out The Big Duck? It might seem like a kitschy roadside attraction, but it’s a great way to spend the afternoon with a little history. And who doesn’t like ducks?

Created to celebrate a time when duck farming was a big thing on Long Island, The Big Duck offers a delightful shop with duck-themed souvenirs. And if you time your trip just right, you could participate in a Rubber Duckie Race, which sounds like one of the greatest things ever, if you ask us.

Take some pictures with The Big Duck, check out the shop, race your favorite rubber duckie. Seems like a pretty good day to us.

So we’ve got you covered for about… two weeks of the summer. That’s a start, right? At least it’s a little time where your kids aren’t staring at their phones, streaming TV shows, and destroying your home. Plus you’ll have fun too. And that’s the most important thing.

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