Pregame the Dime McCarren 5k with a Local Food Tour!

Pregame the Dime McCarren 5k with a Local Food Tour! Featured Image
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Are you ready?

Are you set? Let’s go… on a food tour!

But not just any food tour. Since the Dime McCarren 5k is coming up soon (btw, you should totally sign up if you haven’t already; or donate to the cause if running and walking aren’t your thing), we thought it would be fun to take a food tour of the race and visit some of our favorite local restaurants along the route.

It has to be a virtual food tour, because we’re a blog, and we don’t have legs. But you have legs, so you could totally to go to all of the places on this list. And you should. Because they’re awesome.

Stop 1: Annika, just off Manhattan Ave. near the start of the race
Described as “New York’s First Farm Brewery Restaurant,” Annika exclusively serves New York made beer, cider, wine, and spirits to showcase and promote local producers. The partnership between North Brooklyn Farms and Greenpoint Beer & Ale means Annika is the epitome of local in Brooklyn.

Plus, the food ain’t too shabby either. House sausages, green chili stew, and fresh fish straight from the market anyone?

Stop 2: Fornino, on Manhattan Ave. near Greenpoint Ave.
If you don’t love pizza, you can just jump off this tour right now.

Everyone still here? Good. That’s what we thought.

Fornino has some of the best pizza in Brooklyn, conveniently broken down on their menu under “First Generation/Naples,” “Second Generation/Italy,” and “Third Generation/Fornino,” and each has some of the tastiest combos we’ve ever seen.

Fresh ingredients make all the difference. So if you need some seriously good pizza, stop at Fornino.

Stop 3: The Kent Ale House, at Kent Ave. and 11th St.
The Kent Ale House is a great pub and sports bar in Williamsburg, with 24 beers on tap and more than 30 bottles. If you want good food and drinks while watching your favorite sports team kick some serious A, then Kent Ale House is the right place for you.

Four cheese grilled cheese, kobe beef sliders, and the obligatory fish and chips are some of the favorite menu items. If you’re looking for just snacks to soak up your favorite beer, we recommend the butter toffee bacon popcorn.

Butter. Toffee. Bacon. Popcorn.

Stop 4: Radegast Hall & Biergarten, on Berry St. between 3rd and 4th St.
Germans know good beer. This has been well-established over time. And over the last 10 years, Radegast Hall has been Brooklyn’s favorite authentic biergarten. Live music, great beer, and amazing food make this a must-visit for any local food tour.

Six different kinds of sausage. Made-to-order burgers. Schnitzel, and Spaetzel, and Dumplings — oh my! You’ll need to make several return visits try all the amazing dishes here.

Stop 5: Jimmy’s Diner, on Union Ave. and 10th St.
This one is a little off the race path, but the extra trek is worth it . Could you use a boozy milkshake with your chicken fingers and fries? Of course you do . People who swear by Jimmy’s Diner recommend trying the French Toast — it’s like eating a giant churro! — or the Macaroni and Cheese — everyone loves mac and cheese.

Now that you know all the best places on the Dime McCarren 5k route, you’re more than ready to run the race. Dime loves supporting our local businesses and communities — where would we be without them? — and we hope you do to. If you can’t be at the race, pry open your wallets and donate to St. Nicks Alliance.

So strap on your feedbag, take your acid reflux meds, and get ready to eat. Then strap on your running shoes, take your protein shake, and get ready to run!

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