How to Find the Best Vet for Your Pet

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Fido, Fluffy, Cupcake, and Cougar are the loves of your life, right? And why shouldn’t they be? They give you unconditional love, they’re always around when you need them to be, and they can help you feel less like a crazy person when you start talking to yourself.

And for all the crazy clothes you make them wear, or the silly pictures you take of them, or the cuddles you “encourage,” they deserve the very best care, right?

Here are 5 questions you should ask every vet to find the right one for your furry friend.

Why did you become a vet?

There are lots of people out there working for a paycheck. But your vet should not be one of them. This is a passion type of job because it’s not always cuddles and licks. Would you trust your taxes to someone who just “fell into” the job? What about your own doctor? Make sure your vet really loves animals and loves what they do. Then you’ll know they’ll give your pup the best care.

Tell me about your spay and neuter process

Everyone knows you should spay and neuter your dog or cat, but how about your rabbit? What’s the right age to do it? Could my pet be too old to spay or neuter? Will it hurt my precious furball? You can do your own research, but make sure you ask your vet these kinds of questions so you feel comfortable with them. If they don’t give you the answers you were expecting, ask why. Your furbaby deserves the best. Make sure your vet follows through.

What pet insurance do you accept?

Let’s face it. Pets get sick, they get into mischief, they horse around (even if they aren’t horses), and they eat things they shouldn’t. Just like humans. And as a human, you have insurance to cover yourself in case something happens — so having it for your pet isn’t the worst idea. Ask your vets and potential vets what pet insurances they accept — and if they have any recommendations or opinions on different insurance providers.  

Can you provide all the services I may need?

There’s nothing worse than getting your pet comfortable at your vet, and then they tell you that they don’t clean teeth. I mean at that point, are they really a vet?

Cut the disappointment and annoyance by asking up front if they do everything you could see yourself needing in the future. Whether it’s teeth cleaning and getting a pet pedicure to emergency visits. Make sure they fit your lifestyle.

How do I handle a pet emergency?

When you’re sick, it’s never between 9 and 5 on a weekday, right? It’s always in the middle of the night on a weekend. Same goes with pets. So what do you do when Fido eats an entire tray of brownies?

When meeting with your new vet, ask them where to take your pet in an emergency. Many veterinarians have emergency facilities, or can recommend one. Others have preferred hotlines, or have a direct forward to their personal phone. Cover your bases and get the answer you want to feel comfortable.

Your furry friend (or scaly friend, or slimy friend) deserves the best care out there. And you deserve complete peace of mind knowing that your pet is going to be treated right. Get the best vet for your pet.

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