Business Meeting Leads to Support of Music Therapy at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

Business Meeting Leads to Support of Music Therapy at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Featured Image
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Recently, Charles Alexander, Assistant Vice President and Park Slope Branch Manager, and Richard Dodson, First Vice President and Regional Director, Retail Operations reached out to the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (BKCM) to set up a business meeting with Executive Director Chad Cooper. BKCM is located two blocks away from the Park Slope branch and Chad walks by the branch every day. “Based on our involvement at the annual Fifth Avenue Fair, I had met one of the BKCM board members who introduced me to Chad,” recalled Charlie.

“Initially, the meeting focused on discussing the business needs of the Conservatory and how Dime could help,” stated Charlie. During the course of the meeting, Chad mentioned that Brooklyn Conservatory of Music would be staging a Gala event entitled “Music Therapy Sings the 80s!” This spring benefit event featured a themed tribute to the 1980s, which included performances by BKCM’s Music Therapy clients. Proceeds from the Music Therapy Gala will benefit the Conservatory’s community outreach programs, which serve more than 6,000 New Yorkers annually.

According to the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, “The developmental, emotional,psychological and social needs of children and adults are addressed through active music-making in a relationship with a music therapist.” BKCM’s mission states “We believe that neighborhoods traditionally under-served by New York City cultural institutions need and deserve hands-on musical experiences, and that by creating these opportunities we are building a more vibrant, interconnected city.”

“What started out as a business meeting became an opportunity for the bank to engage and invest in the community,” noted Richard. As a result, Dime helped sponsor the gala event with a $1,000 donation. “What this does for us is to get our name out in the community, for people to see Dime involved in this great program and for Brooklyn Conservatory of Music to see our commitment to their organization,” he added. The Conservatory has responded to Dime’s show of commitment and promise of service by initially committing to opening a business checking account.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, the Music Therapy Gala event took place at The Bell House, which is located on 149 7th Street in Brooklyn, NY. Over 200 individuals from various industries and local businesses attended the event. During the course of the evening, clients from the Music Therapy program performed and sang songs from the 80s. “I was moved by how the children, who overcame their various disabilities, performed music and sang so beautifully,” exclaimed Richard. “The Music Therapy program gives them an outlet to express themselves in a way that’s heartwarming,” noted Charlie. “This event was a truly moving experience that touched my heart,” Charlie added.

For Richard and Charlie, the evening presented a clear example of the benefits of community engagement and support by business. As a bank with a 155-year legacy of community engagement and support, Dime continues to embrace these opportunities. “There is a saying that ‘No man stands as tall as when he stoops down to help a child’,” recalled Richard. “I’m glad we supported this event,” he added.

Visit to learn more about the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and the Music Therapy program.

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