Unusual and Profitable Uses for Your Commercial Space

Unusual and Profitable Uses for Your Commercial Space Featured Image
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So. You’ve bought a commercial property. That’s fantastic.

But what are you going to do with it?

Renting it to a business (or several businesses) seems like the logical way to go, but what kind of businesses should you consider? While a lot of it will depend on the size and zoning for your space, there are a lot of unusual ideas you could consider that aren’t your traditional retail spaces.

Why not have a tenant who has a cool business (that makes money too!)?

Cat Cafe

Could you use a cuddle from a furry friend while sipping your mocha latte? Because we sure could.

Goat Yoga

Yes, this is a thing. A very popular thing, apparently. Just make sure your tenants clean up after class.

A Smashing Room

Ever wish you could just smash a bunch of plates against a concrete wall without any consequences? A smashing business allows people to do just that.

Pet Stylist

Because Fido and Fluffy should be able to look as glam as they want.

Escape Room

Find success with this trendy new experience business.

Bicycle Repair

There are a ridiculous number of bikes in the city. How many of them need new brakes or tires each year? Exactly.

Dating App Meet-Up

Online dating is so common now couples aren’t even bothering to lie about how they met anymore. Give them a safe place to meet up for that awkward first date.

Speed Dating

Or for those who are still determined to meet people the old fashioned way (or experience Tinder in real life), why not have a speed dating tenant?


Because who doesn’t want to pelt someone in the face with a rubber ball while getting exercise?

Aerial Yoga

So you can finally live your dream of being in Cirque Du Soleil while getting in your yoga workout for the day.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Do you remember Discovery Zone? Don’t you wish they still existed? Well they could…

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