How to Include More Green Features in Your Commercial Space

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Going green isn’t just all the rage—it’s a necessity for our city and our planet. And while adding green features to your commercial building can help improve your carbon footprint, it can also help your bottom line, as many green features also reduce costs.

Below is a list of some easy ways to include more green features in your commercial building.

Let in the natural light

Depending on the type of building you have, adding energy efficient windows and skylights could be a great way to let in more natural light, cutting down your electricity bill during the day. Sunlight is already free, so why not let it in and use what you can, when you can?

Or get some LED lights

If adding skylights isn’t an option, or you use your building a lot at night, invest in LED lights. They might be more expensive than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights, but they last longer, use up less energy, and don’t produce as much heat. So if you have to use a lightbulb, make it an LED lightbulb.

Go low flow

Just because you live near the ocean doesn’t mean that water is free. Installing low flow water features will help cut down on the amount of water you use on a daily basis, and therefore slice your water bill significantly. This is a great idea for those companies that utilize a lot of water—or have a lot of employees who drink a lot of coffee.

Get recyclables

Pretty much anything these days can be made from recyclable materials. From insulation to flooring to furniture and beyond, there are dozens of ways that you can cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint with recyclable materials. When you need to upgrade or replace something in your building, look to see if you can do it with recyclable materials.

Actually go green

If you’ve got roof space you’re not using, turn it into a garden or green space and plant some beautiful, renewable plants. Install a rainwater collection system to help you water your plants without adding to your water bill, and install some solar lights or solar panels to illuminate your beautiful space. Who knew going green could be so pretty?

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