Positive Pay Protects Your Business from Check and ACH Fraud

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Business check fraud is a significant risk to any small business. It can harm your bottom line and disrupt business operations. Surprisingly, most businesses do not have the right solution in place to prevent check fraud.

According to a 2020 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)  Payments Fraud Survey, payments fraud reached the second highest level since 2009. Moreover, over 80 percent of the 700 organizations interviewed reported experiencing actual or attempted payments fraud.

Dime Community Bank understands the challenges business owners face. Your focus is on operations and cash flow. And, as your business grows, so does the volume of payments and receivables. As a bank that values relationships, Dime is committed to providing you with smart solutions. If your business is struggling with the demands of payment processing and check reconciliation, Dime can help you .

To help you manage payments, Positive Pay1 from Dime Community Bank provides an automated process for identifying and reconciling suspicious checks or ACH transactions. As a result, it reduces check fraud. Best of all, Positive Pay will benefit your bottom line by improving your cash flow and operational efficiency.

Here’s how Dime Positive Pay protects your business from check and ACH fraud.

How Dime Positive Pay protects your business from check and ACH fraud

Benefits of Positive Pay

With Dime’s Positive Pay solution, your business will be able to:

Improve Decision Making

  • You can easily review Positive Pay exception items and their images.
  • Automated check reconciliation enables you to make fast pay or return decision making.

Reduce Losses from Check Fraud

  • Positive Pay helps protect your business by detecting fraudulent checks and reducing loss.
  • In addition, it provides your business with the ability to return checks within the required 24-hour timeframe.

Improve Cash Flow

  • Check and ACH fraud affect your bottom line. But, Positive Pay helps to mitigate that impact by preventing fraud and improving profitability.

Enjoy Easy Access and Convenience

  •  You can easily access Positive Pay through online banking. Plus, the bank is working on your behalf to red flag suspicious checks or ACH transactions before they impact your business.

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection service that simplifies account reconciliation. It helps identify any checks or ACH transactions that are not legitimate. Simply put, Positive Pay involves the business and bank working together against check and ACH fraud.

To start, the business provides an approved list or set of rules. This enables the bank to match issued checks or ACH transactions against a clearing file presented by the bank. By using this system, the bank detects fraudulent checks or ACH transactions right when they are presented. As a result, the business stops checks and ACH transactions before they are paid.

Check Positive Pay

With Check Positive Pay, you can protect yourself and your business. Dime will match each check processed and presented for payment against a list of checks issued by your business each day. If we find any exceptions, we will report it to you for review. Then, you can decide to pay or not pay by a specific deadline on the clearing day.

Here are the key features of Check Positive Pay:

  • Best suited for businesses with moderate to high check activity
  • Checks presented for payment are compared against files you submit
  • Check exceptions are presented to you for approval

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay helps guard against unauthorized electronic activity by monitoring or screening ACH transactions. Any ACH transaction that does not meet the rules you provide will be flagged. After that, you decide if it is approved for payment or not. In addition, we will send an email notification when any ACH item posts to your account.

Here are the key features of ACH Positive Pay:

  • You can block transactions that are unauthorized
  • We alert you with proactive notifications of any red flags

Schedule a Call with a Banker

No bank provides the personal attention your business needs like Dime. Above all, we give you the commitment, dedication and follow-through service you deserve. Your banker will help you by providing financial solutions that evolve with your needs.

To learn more about Positive Pay and to speak to a local Dime business relationship manager, please email business@dime.com to schedule an appointment. Or, visit dime.com/branches to find your local Dime branch.

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1 All products subject to Dime approval.

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