Creative Ways to Find and Keep Great Employees as a Franchise Owner

Creative Ways to Find and Keep Great Employees as a Franchise Owner Featured Image
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Finding really great employees can be hard. You know the kind: always have a smile, work hard, are experts in customer service, are reliably on time (or even early), and just make the day that much better for being around. If only we could find a way to clone them…

But until that happens, we have to stick to less-sci-fi ways of finding those amazing employees. And if you do happen to find a few who simply rock, keeping them can seem impossible.

We’re going to let you in on a few secret ways to help you find and keep those great employees who make the days so much better. Then you’ll have the best franchises in the business.

Finding Good Employees

Steal them

No, we don’t mean kidnap them. That would be a crime. Crimes are bad.

We mean, when you’re out and about doing your everyday things, keep your eyes open. The cashier at the grocery store with the cheerful smile. The helpful kid at the dry cleaner who got that impossible stain out of your favorite shirt. The barista who always remembers your order and your name. There’s no rule saying you can’t offer someone a job who already has one.

Keep your business cards with you at all times, and when you meet someone who has that magical quality you’ve been looking for, tell them what you like about them and ask them to give you call. Or just offer them a job. It might not be the coolest thing to steal a great employee, but all’s fair in war and business.

(Just don’t steal any Dime employees. We love our coworkers, and there’s a good chance we stole them from someone else.)

Digital word-of-mouth

Anyone can find your job posting on a job site and submit a digital application in less than 5 minutes. And that shows just how much effort they’re willing to put into a job: practically none.

You should already be engaged in social media to promote your awesome business, so why not use it to spread the word that you’re looking for amazing people to work at your business. Describe the position using the kinds of qualities you want in an employee: cheerful, engaged, driven, dedicated, awesome. You can teach the rest.

And get your current employees to repost your job listing. If a potential applicant was encouraged to apply for your job by someone who already works there, that says a LOT about your business. You could even offer your employees an incentive if they can find the best candidate for the position. Bribery goes a long way.  

Keeping Great Employees

Listen and engage

You’re their boss, sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a cool boss or even — dare we say it? — their friend. Take the time to listen to your employees and engage with them. Ask them about their favorite movies and their recommendations for the business. Ask about school and any issues they’re having at work. The more you show you value their opinions, the more comfortable they will be to share their thoughts and ideas, and the longer they’ll stay.  Just don’t get creepy.

Show them the future

With or without a crystal ball.

Your awesome new employee has great management potential. Encourage that. Give them more responsibilities and offer them the chance to learn more and move up the ladder. Talk to them about their future and how they could use the skills you teach them to do whatever dream job they want. If an employee feels like they have a future with your business, and likes what they’re doing, and feels respected, they’ll be less likely to leave.

Plan fun stuff

Company culture is everywhere these days, and for good reason. If your business doesn’t have a good and engaged culture, you’re almost guaranteed to have high turnover. And high turnover sucks. Plan activities and outings for your staff to have fun and engage after work hours. Or during work hours — have a salsa-making competition, or a cookie contest. It’ll help them feel like more than just coworkers, and start to build a family. It’s much harder to leave a family than it is to leave a job.  

Finding and keeping great employees as a franchise owner, or any business owner, takes some serious work. Lucky for you, now you know the secrets to making your business the best in Brooklyn.

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