6 Virtual Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Small Business

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Spring cleaning isn’t just a good idea for our homes and yards — it’s also helpful for our finances, businesses, and business finances. Here are 6 great ways to do some small business tidying up this spring.

  1. Make sure your IT security is updated.
    Is your software up-to-date? One of the best ways to protect against hacking is to ensure you have the latest versions of your operating systems, including antivirus software that updates automatically.

    Also make sure you change your passwords, especially for online banking. Data breaches seem to make the news every few months, so updating your passwords regularly (think quarterly) is important.

    And who’s minding your website and email system? If you use a third-party data center for IT services, ask them how they’re keeping your data safe and secure at least once a year.
  2. Refresh your website.
    It’s easy for a small company to let time pass between website reviews. But it’s important to check your websites regularly, at least once a year. Content goes stale and becomes dated. Links break. A thorough, quality check once a year will keep you looking professional.

    How does your website look on a mobile device? If your site doesn’t automatically adjust size for smartphones, you should look into upgrading to a more “responsive design.”
  3. Go paperless.
    If your business is document-heavy, consider these tricks to cut the cost of paper, ink, and toner, and increase convenience and productivity:

    • Organize electronic files in named folders and subfolders on your computer instead of hard copies in filing cabinets.
    • If you must print, set the printer default to double-sided and grayscale instead of color. You’ll instantly save 30-70% on printer supplies.
    • When you received physical documents, use a scanner to convert them to electronic files.
    • Consider cloud-based systems for things like customer relationship management. The could not only reduce paper, it lets you access your data from any web-enabled device, anytime.
    • If file cabinets are literally cramping your style, hire a firm to digitize your old documents in bulk. Use the space for something fun your employees will enjoy.
  4. Purge old emails.
    Cleaning out your inbox can feel like a deep tissue massage: a little painful while it’s happening, but it feels so good when you’re done. Whether you set aside time specifically to tackle your inbox, or you do it while enjoying a snack and your favorite show, getting into the habit of deleting useless emails will help make your life so much easier.
  5. Get a handle on expenses.
    Tax season might not be the most exciting time of year, but it can be even more stressful for small business owners. While you’re busing running your business, consider using an expense-tracking software to make tax time a little easier to manage.
  6. Review your financials.
    Do you have enough working capital? Can you finance organic growth? Can you afford an acquisition? Do you have the liquidity to take advantage of new opportunities on short notice? If you don’t know the answers offhand, stop by your local Dime branch and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

Dime knows small businesses better than anyone. Let us know how we can help you today at 1-800-321-DIME (3463).

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