6 Local Resources Every Business Owner Should Have

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Business owners have a lot on their plates. They create, build, and manage businesses that the rest of us can’t live without. But between the sleepless nights filling orders and finalizing paperwork, arguing with vendors and negotiating with designers, and actually running your business, there’s very little time for you.

But … what if you didn’t have to do it all by yourself? (*Gasp!*) We know, it seems ridiculous, but it’s really not. And to prove it to you, we’ve pulled together a list resources you should really have, with ways to evaluate them and find them in your own backyard. What have you got to lose? You might even be able to find an extra hour or two of sleep at night — dare to dream.

Here are 6 local resources for your business can’t do without.


Unless your business is an IT business, or you have a background in computers, you’re probably going to need someone who can set up your system and ensure that everything is safe and secure. Check local reviews to find an IT business that is close and reliable that you can keep on call should your system suddenly burst into flames — digital flames that is… the fire department handles actual flames.

And if you’re a little on the klutzy side, memorize the number for a tech repair company within easy driving distance for when you “accidentally” spill your coffee on your work phone, your personal phone, and your laptop for the third time this week. Having these resources close by means quick responses and less downtime.


If you’re just starting your business, you’re going to need a lawyer. If you’ve been in business for a few years now, you’re going to need a lawyer. If your business has been in your family for 200 years, you’re going to need a lawyer. Hopefully, you won’t need a lawyer very often, but make sure you find a good one you can trust to look over important documents, offer sound legal advice, and protect you.

Finding a local lawyer is helpful because they’re going to know all the city and state laws you need to be aware of when running your business. Ask friends, family, and other local business owners if they have someone to recommend, and make sure you double check their reviews online. And interview a few until you find the one you’re most comfortable with.


Balancing your books (and not on your head) can be hard, especially when you’re wearing so many hats there’s practically no room left. Hiring a business accountant, particularly one with bookkeeping services, can help take a lot of pressure off you and your business as you continue to grow and expand. Don’t let the numbers get you down — give ‘em to someone else.

Similar to local lawyers, a local accountant is going to know all that good, helpful, local tax code that big chains might not be as well-versed in.


Nothing great has ever been accomplished without the assistance of caffeine. Trust us. Nothing. Ever. It wasn’t until coffee was invented that things got cooking. And you’re going to need a reliable source of good food and good coffee to get you through the toughest days. That’s where sites like Yelp and Google come in handy. See what others around you recommend for convenient and tasty caffeine and food — and if they’ve partnered with a food delivery service, you won’t even have to leave your office or store to get that much-needed fix.

Dry Cleaning

Spill coffee on your good pants as well as your computer? Did you favorite pen explode in your shirt pocket? Your Wednesday burrito get away from you? Make sure you’ve got a good, close, reliable dry cleaners who you can trust to take care of your clothes fast. The last thing you want is to have a large, awkwardly placed stain on your best suit when your meeting with investors or that whale of a client. *Shudder*


Who’s going to protect your money, provide you the financial business services you need, and be your best business friend? Dime, that’s who. We’ve been in business for 154 years, so we’ve learned a thing or two that we’re happy to share with you. Make sure you’ve got what you need to succeed with Dime — your community bank.

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